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An alkaloid obtained from Opium. C22H23NO7. Trituration.

Clinical.-Bladder, paralysis of.

Characteristics.-Narcotinum has been rather extensively proved, but very few distinctive symptoms were elicited. The most notable symptoms were dry, clammy mouth; thick, indistinct speech, and paralysis of bladder. The vertiginous symptoms were like those of Morphin., and the general symptoms those of Opium and its other alkaloids.


1. Mind.-Calm, placid, pleasurable sensation.-Difficulty in fixing attention.

2. Head.-Mazy, confused sensation.-Vertigo and nausea < on motion or exertion.-Headache and roaring in head.

3. Eyes.-Eyes congested.-Vision blurred.-Pupils contracted.

6. Face.-Expression dull.-Face red.

8. Mouth.-Mouth dry and clammy.-Speech thick and indistinct.

11. Stomach.-No appetite; no thirst.-Sudden nausea and vomiting on least exertion.-Paroxysms of easy vomiting.-Vomiting > all symptoms.

13. Stool.-Constipation; but less than Morphine.

14. Urinary Organs.-Slow evacuation of urine from deficient contractile power.-Torpor of bladder, quite unable to empty it.-Urine diminished.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Voice changed, hoarse.-(Chronic cough removed.).-Breathing short, hurried.

18. Chest.-Agreeable warmth in chest with deep breathing.

19. Heart.-Pulse accelerated; later retarded.

23. Lower Limbs.-Staggering gait.

24. Generalities.-Languor and lassitude.

25. Skin.-Peculiar disagreeable crawling in limbs.-Considerable itching of whole surface, esp. nose and inside of thighs.

26. Sleep.-Somnolence.-When dozing, all sorts of grotesque figures dance before the sight; or sensation of falling into an immense fire in company of same figures; with the falling sensation there was starting.

27. Fever.-Chilliness; chattering of teeth; coldness.-Universal sensation of warmth.-Heat and redness of face.-Much sweat, wetting all clothes next the skin.