Melastoma Ackermani. N. O. Melastomaceae. Tincture of leaves.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Perinaeum, pains in. Prostatic affections.

Characteristics.-Mure figures and describes this plant. He made a proving of the leaves. On the second day of the proving the prover lost an inveterate diarrhoea with colic. The most notable symptoms were a pain in the perinaeum and testicles; and shuddering followed by heat without sweat.


2. Head.-Vertigo.-Headache with sensitiveness of scalp.

8. Mouth.-Digging in teeth.-White tongue.-Copious saliva.

11. Stomach.-Sour stomach.

12. Abdomen.-Borborygmi.-Pain in abdomen.

13. Stool and Anus.-Tenesmus with constriction of sphincter.-Heat and pricking at anus.-Fearful pain and pulling from perinaeum to anus when sitting; not ceasing in any position, lasting six hours.-Lancinations in perinaeum, urethra, and testicles.-(Inveterate diarrhoea and colic cured.)

14. Urinary Organs.-Pricking in urethra.-Urine: profuse; light foaming; red, odourless, with bloody clots; fetid; white sediment; albuminous.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-Hardness of penis without erection.

19. Heart.-Palpitation of heart.

20. Back.-Pain in loins.

23. Lower Limbs.-Weakness of thighs.-Å’dema of legs.

24. Generalities.-Prostration.

25. Skin.-Eruption on lips, esp. upper.-Itching and heat at night.-Pricking over feet, ankles, and wrists.

26. Sleep.-Drowsy in daytime.

27. Fever.-Chills followed by sweat.-Violent chills followed by heat without sweat.-Intense heat.