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Medusa (various species). Jelly-fish. Sea-nettles. Class, Acalephae. Tincture of living animal taken in summer.

Clinical.-Lactation, abnormal. Nettle-rash. Urine, suppression of.

Characteristics.-The effects of encountering jelly-fish whilst bathing are well known. These have been studied experimentally, and in addition the effects of drinking two cupfuls of a decoction, warm, by a woman affected with disease of the stomach and leucorrhoea has been recorded. In this case there was rapidly produced oedema, anxiety, and difficult speech. Secretion of urine, which had been suspended for days, returned, and milk came into the breasts three years after the birth of her last child. Pricking heat and numbness of skin of face, arms, breasts, and vesicular eruption; followed later by desquamation.

Relations.-Compare: Ast. fl., Homar., Murex, Sepia, Apis, Bombyx, &c.


1. Mind.-Extreme anxiety with difficult speech.

3. Eyes.-Eyes puffed and oedematous.

6. Face.-Face (eyes, ears, nose) puffed and oedematous (soon).

14. Urinary Organs.-Secretion. of urine, which had been suspended for twelve days, returned.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Secretion of milk re-established in a woman's breasts three years after birth of last child; she had had twelve children and had not suckled any of them, having had no milk (effect of two cupfuls of a decoction).

25. Skin.-Desquamation.-Burning sensation very soon after contact; in five minutes a slight redness; then lentil-shaped elevations.-Vesicular eruption.-Pricking heat, numbness, and burning of skin of face, arms, shoulders, and breasts (soon).