Manganum Oxydatum Nativum.

Native Black Oxide of Manganese. Pyrolusite. MnO2. Trituration.

Clinical.-Colic. Diarrhoea. Tibia, pain in.

Characteristics.-Lembke proved this. It caused a good deal of painful disturbance in the abdomen, with loose stools, pressive heat in the head, and pains in the leg bones. A tendency to become fatigued and heated were noticeable features. Burning and pressing pains predominate.


2. Head.-Dulness in fore-part of head, caused by pressure on head.-Heaviness and heat in sinciput.-Jerking burning in skin of forehead, obliging scratching, with heat in skin.-Pressure on forehead with vertigo.-Tearing in side of head and face.

3. Eyes.-Violent burning sensation below eyes (though the skin was cool).

4. Ear.-A peculiar pressure deep in l. ear.

11. Stomach.-Nausea several times towards noon.-Pressure in stomach.-Cutting in stomach.

12. Abdomen.-Violent persistent stitches in l. hypochondrium < by inspiration and pressure.-Violent cutting in umbilical-region shooting upward.-Violent colic and thin, light stool, after which the pain, esp. in umbilical region, continued and was < by pressure; other stools followed.

13. Stool.-Light-coloured, thin stool, followed by cutting in umbilical region; in morning (13th d.).-Stool harder than usual (9th and 10th d.); delayed, hard and scanty (1st d.).

14. Urinary Organs.-Urine rather increased.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Very frequent scraping and scrapy tickling in larynx, followed by dry cough.

18. Chest.-A peculiar pressure deep behind sternum.

20. Back.-Peculiar sensation of heaviness and pressure in l. lumbar region < bending to l.

22. Upper Limbs.-Prickling in l. hand.

23. Lower Limbs.-Boring in bones below r. (and l.) knee.-Very violent pinching pain in r. ankle, standing = pain, < by motion.

24. Generalities.-More easily made tired, hot and perspiring.-Pressure and boring in several bones.

27. Fever.-Much heat of whole body.-Much internal heat and much less sensitiveness than usual to cold air generally.