Manganum Muriaticum.

Chloride of Manganese. MnCl2. Solution in water.

Clinical.-Ankles, painful; weak. Bone pains. Borborygmus. Constipation. Eructations. Rheumatism.

Characteristics.-Mang. mur. was proved by Lembke. The few symptoms obtained were manifested chiefly in the cranial bones, stomach, left shoulder, right knee, and ankles. The stomach pains were < by external pressure.


2. Head.-Vertigo and reeling when walking in open air, < looking down, on descending or stooping (an old symptom revived).-Boring in r. cranial bones; tearing in r, occipital bone.

6. Face.-Pressive pain in r. jaw-joint.

11. Stomach.-Eructations of air (sour).-Pressure in stomach < by external pressure.

12. Abdomen.-Frequent rumbling.

13. Stool.-Stool harder and scantier than usual.

22. Upper Limbs.-Violent pain in front part of l. shoulder-joint, < by pressure, rolling arm about its axis, and by any motion of arm.-Pain in articulation of l. thumb.

23. Lower Limbs.-Drawing pain with weary feeling in r. thigh while sitting.-Violent drawing pain inner side r. knee.-Pressure in r. knee extending into leg; a bruised sensation remains in ankles; afterwards same pain in l. ankle.-Pressure and drawing in ankle and ankle bones.-Pressure in l. foot.