Ethylene-Ethenyl-diamine. Methylglycoxalidine (Merck). Trituration. Solution.

Clinical.-Gout. Lithiasis. Oxaluria. Uric acid diathesis.

Characteristics.-Lysidin. occurs in red-white crystals. The solution is a thick pinkish liquid. Clifford Mitchel (H. W., xxxiii. 277) has given the 50 per cent. solution in ten-drop doses well diluted in aerated water, thrice daily, in two cases of oxaluria, one recent in a young man, one in an old man and of long standing. In the second case the distressing lumbar pain was removed by a few doses though it had persisted for a number of days.

Relations.-Compare: Nitro-mur. ac., Oxal. ac., Sars., Urotrop.