Lobelia Dortmanna.

Lobelia dortmanna. (The principal indigenous British species. Habitat, shallow lakes.) N. O. Lobeliaceae. Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical.-Ears, noises in. Headache. Indigestion. Pylorus, affections of.

Characteristics.-I am indebted to Cooper for the whole of the information about this remedy. The symptoms of the Schema were observed on patients after single doses of the Ø tincture allowed to exhaust their action. According to Cooper, Lob. d. has much in common with Lob. er. and Lob. i. The letters and figures appended to the symptoms denote the sex and age of the patients "m" means "man," "w" "woman."


2. Head.-Violent headache lasting all day goes on for a fortnight, ending in severe colic and diarrhoea; and then an old cough goes away (w. 56).

4. Ears.-All through same night (after dose), and several times after, had roaring noises in ears; < on lying down; when going to sleep; and in early morning; also an itching on skin behind angle of r. jaw and below ear (M. 24; deaf with nasal blockage high up).

5. Nose.-Violent sneezing and catarrh (w. 47).

11. Stomach.-Pains of cancer of pylorus with distended stomach go away for a whole afternoon, great depression, mental and physical, follow at once on the dose, and next day she has neuralgic pains down r. arm to fingers followed on third day by great pain in r. knee lasting two days (W. 33; healthy otherwise).-Habitual indigestion; no power to digest (cured).

13. Stool and Anus.-Great discharge of flatus (M. 23).-Burning as of a red-hot poker and shootings in rectum, generally < at night, lessen at once (m. 47).

17. Respiratory Organs.-Breathing distinctly improved (w. 65).