Jatropha Urens.

Spurge nettle. Tread-softly. (Southern United States.). N. O. Euphorbiaceae. Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical.-Cardiac paresis. Å’dema.

Characteristics.-According to Allen this is the most poisonous plant known. He quotes from the Kew Gardens Quarterly (December, 1851) the experience of Mr. Smith, who touched his wrist against the fine bristly stings of the plant whilst reaching over it. He experienced these symptoms: numbness and swelling of the lips. The action of the poison was on the heart; circulation stopped, and Mr. Smith soon fell unconscious, the last thing he remembered being cries of, "Run for the doctor!" Other Jatrophas are J. Glauca or glandulifera of the East Indies, the seeds of which when crushed yield an oil which is used as an external application in rheumatism; and J. Podagrica, which has a curious nodulated gouty-looking stem.