Peucedanum ostruthium, Koch. I. ostruthium, Linn. N. O. Umbelliferae. Tincture or infusion of root.

Clinical.-Skin, affections of. Stomach, affections of.

Characteristics.-Imperatoria, like Athamanta, belongs to the genus Peucedanum. Kleemann observed the effects of the infusion of the root, a teaspoonful every two hours. Only a few symptoms were noted, but they were peculiar. "Diminished secretion of mucus in intestines and air passages" is noteworthy.

Relations.-Compare: Atham. and Umbelliferae.


1. Mind.-General excitement.

2. Head.-Active orgasm and confusion of the head.

11. Stomach.-Feeling of warmth, starting in stomach and extending over whole body.

12. Abdomen.-Diminished secretion of mucus in intestines.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Diminished secretion of mucus in air passages.

25. Skin.-Itching and burning in the skin.

27. Fever.-Feeling of warmth starting in stomach and extending over whole body.-General perspiration.