Helleborus Foetidus.

Bear's foot. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of the root.

Clinical.-Cholera. Hair, failing off. Nails, falling off. Scarlatina. Skin, peeling. Stiff-neck.

Characteristics.-The effects of Hel. f. have been observed on several persons. It is a violent narcotico-acrid poison, and in fatal poisoning cases death has taken place in convulsions. The vision is disordered; choleraic symptoms occur; skin, hair, and nails exfoliate. The anxiety is > after vomiting.

Relations.-Compare: Verat. alb. (copious liquid stools); Hell. n., Hell. v., Colch.


1. Mind.-Dreadful anxiety; > after vomiting.

3. Eyes.-Great difficulty in reading, in evening, by candle-light; the sensation is as when the light flickers from a draught of air; cannot follow the lines.

4. Ear.-Thumping pain below and behind l. ear.

8. Mouth.-Smarting at tip of tongue.-Painful sensation like aphthae in mouth (inhaling fumes of triturated plant).-Taste of manure; tongue yellow in middle.-Excoriation of mouth and throat.

11, 12. Stomach and Abdomen.-Nausea and vomiting of food (taken an hour before with relish).-Constant inclination to vomit.-When pounding the plant it seems that the epigastrium with difficulty keeps time with the inflation of the chest on inspiration.-Frightful pain in pit of stomach.-Colic.

13. Stool and Anus.-Violent purging and vomiting with pain in stomach.-Abundant liquid stool during night; next day two liquid, whitish stools; again a liquid stool forty-eight hours later.

18. Chest.-Tightness of chest, can scarcely half draw his breath.

20. Neck.-Numbness in muscles of neck; sensibility to touch blunted it becomes stiff eighteen hours later.

24. Generalities.-Fatal convulsions.-Swooning.

25. Skin.-Skin of whole body peels, hair falls out, all the nails fall off.-Profuse discharge from ulcerated surface (from application).

26. Sleep.-Stirs a good deal in his sleep.