Helix Tosta.

Toasted snail. N. O. Helicidae. Trituration.

Clinical.-Haemoptysis. Phthisis.

Characteristics.-Snails have a traditional virtue in curing consumption, and homoeopaths have put the remedy to the test by potentising it. W. H. Leonard (Med. Adv., xxii. 310) reports two cases cured with Helix t. c.m. (1) A gentleman had frequent attacks of haemoptysis. Continuous hoarseness; dry, tickling cough; < at night, preventing sleep; dyspnoea, < ascending stairs. He had already had all the usual remedies. Helix tost. c.m., three powders given. There was no more haemorrhage. A few weeks later a return was feared and a few more doses were given. Four months later the patient was greatly improved in health and remained well. (2) A lady of tubercular diathesis developed the disease after confinement. Several well-indicated remedies failed to check its progress. At length haemorrhage set in. Helix was given as in the other case with prompt effect. Haemorrhage ceased; cough and expectoration gradually improved, and in eight months the patient was well and remained so.