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Guarea trichilioides. Red-wood. Ball-wood. N. O. Meliaceae. Tincture and trituration of bark.

Clinical.-Apoplexy. Asthma millari. Bones, affections of. Chemosis. Dysphagia. Eyes, affections of. Hernia. Intermittent fever. Liver-spots. Lupus. Pterygium. Ptosis. Tongue, affections of. Tonsils, swollen. Vertigo. Whooping-cough.

Characteristics.-Petroz is the authority for this drug, which produces a number of symptoms in the eyes, and cases of chemosis and pterygium have been reported cured with it. R. K. Ghosh (H. R., viii. 459) cured a number of cases of both. He found a lotion of Guarea Ø (gtt i. to one drachm) of great assistance. In the head there is a sensation as if the brain were falling forward; and a sensation as of a blow on the head leaving numbness and diminished thinking power. The eye symptoms alternate with diminished hearing. A number of symptoms were experienced in the umbilicus and inguinal rings. Flow of blood between menses. Pains in periosteum. On the skin there were liver-spots, and an eruption with burning vesicles. Sleepy in open air. Aromatic-smelling sweat. Sensations of constriction are common. Sudden shocks of whole body. Bruised pains. Acids and cold water . Sweat when eating or after. Bone pains < at night.

Relations.-Bov. (flow of blood between menses); Crotal. (as if had a blow on the head); Anac. (peg in ear); Gels. (vertigo, ptosis); Azadiracta indica (botan.) Apis (chemosis, asthma millari); Arn. (injuries); Phos. (steatoma) Ign. (nerves); Merc. and Silic. (bone-pains, suppuration).


1. Mind.-Anxiety.-Fear of losing reason.

2. Head.-Vertigo; when stooping; objects appear upside down.-Whirling dizziness.-Sensation as if the brain were falling forward.-Sensation as if from blow on the head, leaving a kind of numbness and diminished thinking power; as after apoplectic seizure.-Constriction, heaviness, shocks; in forehead.-Constriction, hammering in occiput.

3. Eyes.-Sickly look round eyes and within orbits.-Swelling beneath eyes.-Swelling of lachrymal gland.-Pain in eyes during fever.-Twitching of eyebrows.-Paralysis of lids.-Pressure on lids.-Lachrymation.-Inflammation of conjunctiva, which is swollen.-Pain in ball as after weeping.-Tearing pain in eyeballs; tension; forced-out feeling.-Pupils dilated.-Objects appear grey; during vertigo they appear upside down.-Eye symptoms alternate with diminution of hearing.

4. Ears.-Swelling of periosteum behind ears.-Sensation in ears as of a peg; of a worm; pushing-out feeling.-Roaring in ears.

5. Nose.-Coryza; with hardened secretion; with heat.-Nose stuffed; ineffectual desire to sneeze; constriction at root of nose.

6. Face.-Suppurating swellings on face.-Swelling of upper lip.

7, 8. Teeth and Mouth.-Pains in teeth accompanied by pain in zygoma, excited by draught of air, by pressure of tongue; < lying on painful side; by hot food; by walking.-Tongue coated during the fever.-Tongue coated greyish yellow; swollen; paralysed; bleeding.-Tongue feels cold and dry.-Lancinations in tongue.-Mouth smells of cheese.-Taste, sweet.-Food tastes insipid.

9. Throat.-Tonsils swollen.-Å’sophagus: raw pain; sensation of contraction and burning heat.-Swallowing difficult.

10. Appetite.-Canine hunger in evening; speedy satiety.-Aversion to milk, fish, and hot, greasy, cooked food.

11. Stomach.-Sour eructations with tension and pressure at stomach.-Inclination to vomit during fever.-Vomiting, sour; green.-Stomach: constriction in; bruised feeling in.

12. Abdomen.-Hardness at umbilicus.-Abdomen distended with lancination in groins and inguinal ring.-Bruised pain externally.

13. Stool and Anus.-Constriction of anus and rectum.-Urging to stool.-Constipation.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Labour pains suppressed.-Lochia scanty.-Leucorrhoea after menses; fetid.-Flow of blood between menstrual periods.-Itching of pudenda.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Cough: dry barking; violent deep-seated; with expectoration.-The cough is accompanied by sweat, pain, soreness, tightness of chest; comes after a crying spell; on falling asleep; after getting chilled; is excited by itching in throat, by irritation in larynx.-Breathing, sobbing; difficult during chill.-Sensation of hollowness and dilatation of chest.-Respiratory symptoms < from putting hand to throat.

21. Limbs.-Jactitation of limbs.-Cracking in joints.-Nightly pains in bones.-Bruised pain in bones.-Caries.

24. Generalities.-Steatoma; hot swelling; swelling of affected parts.-Suppuration of glands.

25. Skin.-Yellow spots on temples.-Liver-spots on arms.-Eruptions behind ears.-Herpes.-Itching.-Lupus of ochre-red colour.

26. Sleep.-Sleepy in open air.-Dreams, anxious, melancholy, full of strife.

27. Fever.-Coldness followed by heat with sweat.-Heat of upper part of body, coldness of bones.-Sweat chiefly during and after eating.-Sweat aromatic.