Genista Tinctoria. Dyer's Greenweld. N. O. Leguminosae. Tincture of whole plant.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Earache. Headache.

Characteristics.-Genista was proved by E. B. Cushing. Its principal effects are: Sharp piercing pains in the head and ear. Brain feels loose and sensitive. Sensitive feeling in brain, eye, and throat. Urgent desire for stool, which is expelled suddenly. A peculiar eruption of dark red confluent spots. < Rising; turning quickly; shaking head; walking. In the night, water-brash. > In open air; in cool rooms; by eating (headache).

Relations.-Compare: (Brain feels loose) Cic. v., Nat. s., Bar. c., Rhus.


2. Head.-Vertigo and headache on rising or shaking head, > after dinner.-Sensation as if brain were loose and very sensitive.-Frequent, sharp pain in r. temple from within outwards.-Piercing pain in l. temple.

3. Eyes.-Eyes sensitive to touch in forenoon.

4. Ears.-Once a sensation in l. ear, as though some sharp instrument were thrust into it (forenoon).

9. Throat.-Throat dry and sensitive.

11. Stomach.-Awakened several times in the night with water-brash.

13. Stool and Anus.-Desire for stool with violent sneezing as from snuff.-Urgent desire for stool, lasting only a short time, soon after the dose.-Stool soft and scanty.-Stool tinged with blood; the faeces though large were expelled like a wad from a pop-gun (forty minutes after third dose).

25. Skin.-Peculiar eruption, consisting of roundish, dark-red, confluent spots, scarcely elevated above the skin, which, itching very much, becomes scarlet-red, then pale, and disappears in twenty-four hours; it occurred on feet to knees, and hands to elbows.