Galium aparine. Cleavers. Goose-grass. N. O. Galiaceae (considered by some a sub-order of Rubiaceae). Tincture and infusion of fresh plant. Extract. Poultices.

Clinical.-Bladder, irritability of. Calculus. Cancer. Gravel. Psoriasis. Ulcers.

Characteristics.-Galium has had no proving, but it is a popular remedy for cancer given internally and used externally; and also for scrofulous swellings and ulcers. It is further used as a diuretic and as a solvent for gravel and stone. It has cured a case of nodulated tumour of the tongue diagnosed to be cancer (see Hale); and a case of psoriasis of the hand (left) has been reported cured. Substantial doses were given in each case, and in the latter poultices of the herb were used as well.