Ferrum Pernitricum.

Pernitrate of Iron. Fe2 6NO3. Dilutions of the Ferri Pernitratis Liquor of B. P.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Eyes, affections of. Glands, affections of. Lienteria.

Characteristics.-Fer. pernit. has been used by old-school practitioners with good effect in the diarrhoeas of India; in lienteria the diarrhoea of phthisis; diarrhoea in feeble and nervous females also in scrofulous children with enlarged glands and obstinate ophthalmia. Though there are no provings of the remedy it is plain that these are specific effects. Cooper, who has given much attention to the Iron preparations, give as a characteristic, "Cough, with florid complexion." In cases presenting marked features of Ferrum and Nit. ac., Fe. Pernit. should render good service.