Euphorbia Lathyris.

Caper Spurge. N. O. Euphorbiaceae. The symptoms are the effects of poisoning by seeds. A tincture of the whole plant is made.

Clinical.-Cholera. Diarrhoea. Dysentery.

Characteristics.-The chief symptoms of E. lath. are: Retching and vomiting and bloody stools with brilliant eyes, flushed face; the abdomen is drawn inward. The whole body is stiff and icy cold. Uneasiness.


3. Eyes.-Brilliant eyes.-Staring look.-Pupils dilated with wide-open eyes.

6. Face.-Deadly pale.-Glowing hot cheeks.

11. Stomach.-Retching and vomiting.-Sudden violent vomiting with bloody stools.

12. Abdomen.-Abdomen drawn inward.

13. Stools.-Copious, frequent; violent purgation.-Bloody stools.

19. Heart.-Pulse small, irregular.

27. Fever.-Pallor and coldness of surface.-Skin burning hot; glowing hot cheeks.