Euonymus Atropurpurea.

Wahoo. Burning Bush. N. O. Celastraceae. Tincture of fresh bark and root.

Clinical.-Albuminuria. Bilious fever. Biliousness. Cholera morbus. Gall-stones. Levitation. Liver, affections of. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-Euon. atro., like Euonimin and Euon. Europ., is a favourite liver-remedy among eclectics. It has not been proved, but clinical experience shows that its action is very like that of its botanical relatives. A lady who tasted the juice of the bark related her experience to Hale: "I felt immediately a sick weakening feeling all through the nervous system; dull, heavy pain through upper portion of head, together with enlarged blurred feeling, and I seemed so drawn up from the floor, that it seemed difficult to place my foot down when walking with sufficient firmness to stand up; a tipping-over sensation when sitting and walking; a deathly sickness at stomach, with perspiration and heat in face, in alternation with chills in the back, and back part of the arms." Some of the symptoms returned next day, but were dissipated by vinegar, which must be looked upon its antidote.

Relations.-Compare: Sticta pul., Phos. ac., &c., in levitation.