Epigea Repens.

Trailing Arbutus. N. O. Ericaceae. Tincture of fresh leaves.

Clinical.-Calculi, urinary. Dysuria. Gravel. Strangury.

Characteristics.-Hale mentions Epigea as having been a popular remedy in renal calculi throughout the United States ever since the settlement. "It has been successful in removing dysuria and strangury as well as urinary tenesmus." Hale once gave to a patient who had a bloody muco-purulent sediment in the urine with intense dysuria, ten drops of the tincture six times a day. A copious deposit of fine brown sand was observed and all symptoms were relieved.

Relations.-Botan.: Arbutus, Uva ursi. Compare also: Mitchella, Chimaphila, Cannabis, Calc. ren., Urtica urens, Uric acid.