Datura Metel.

Indian Datura. N. O. Solanaceae. Trituration of seeds.

Clinical.-Convulsions. Delirium. Epilepsy. Eye, affections of. Mania. Timidity.

Characteristics.-Datur. metel causes a soporose condition, and later delirium and spasms. The soporose state may be absent. Delirium may be vociferous, or merely garrulous. Patient usually manifests excessive timidity. Picks at real or imaginary objects. Performs ridiculous antics. Several movements appear due to perverted vision, and inability to judge distances. After the delirium, patient remembers nothing of what has occurred. Extreme dilatation of pupils. Flickering before eyes with sensitiveness to light. Pulse and temperature undergo extremes of exaltation and depression.

Relations.-Compare: Other Solanaceae.