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Lady's Slipper. N. O. Orchidaceae. Tincture and infusions of fresh root gathered in autumn.

Clinical.-Brain affections. Chorea. Convulsions. Debility and sleeplessness.-Delirium tremens. Ecstasy. Epilepsy. Mental despondency. Nervous debility. Neuralgia. Post-influenzal debility. Sleeplessness. Spermatorrhoea. Stye.

Characteristics.-Cypr. has great repute as a "nervine" among eclectics, and in domestic practice. It ranks with Scutellaria and Valerian. A strong infusion causes exhilaration followed by calmness; and is much resorted to by women whose nerves are shattered by long illness, or excessive indulgence in green-tea or coffee (Hale). It is suited to nervous disorders from mental over-excitement, or reflex nervous excitement; to nervous weakness following influenza. It is indicated in the brain-hyperesthesia of children who wake in the night lively and full of play. Ecstasy, preliminary to incipient brain disorder. Epilepsy from reflex irritation. Jactitation and trembling; twitching of limbs.

Relations.-Compare: Ambra, Coca, Ign., Kali bro., Paull., Thea, Scutel., Valer., Zinc. In ecstasy, Coffea. Antidote to: Rhus poisoning.


1. Mind.-Irascibility and fitfulness; hysterical symptoms; sleeplessness; agitation.-Indifference.

2. Head.-Vertigo followed by heaviness and dragging of l. foot.

3. Eyes.-Stye on r. lower lid.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-Spermatorrhoea with great nervous prostration and dejection of spirits.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Amenorrhoea, with hysteria.-Great nervous debility and despondency.-Irritability of vagina; hysterical symptoms, sleeplessness and agitation.

26. Sleep.-Sleeplessness: with desire to talk, a constant crowding of pleasant ideas; with restlessness of body; twitching of limbs; after miscarriage for several nights in succession.-Ecstasy; children awaken in night from sleep, "wide-awake," unnaturally playful, with no desire to go to sleep again (often a preliminary to some brain affection).