Cetraria Islandica.

Iceland Moss. N. O. Lichenes. Decoction and tincture.

Clinical.-Atrophy. Catarrh. Diarrhoea. Phthisis. Scrofulous emaciation. Scurvy. Ulcers.

Characteristics.-Cetraria has been used in decoction and as a food, and has been found curative empirically in the diseases named above. Symptoms indicating its use are: Bitter slimy taste. Feels full and satisfied after eating a little. Habitual vomiting. Chronic diarrhoea (of consumptives). Frequent catarrhs. Tickling and spasmodic feeling in windpipe on waking. Copious expectoration. Fetid taste and smell causing nausea. All kinds of bloody expectoration. Weak lungs. Emaciated people.

Relations.-Compare: Sticta pul.