Cervus campestris. Cervus brasilicus. Brazilian deer. Triturations of the fresh hide covered with hair.

Clinical.-Sciatica. Taste, altered. Tongue, painful.

Characteristics.-Mure proved this substance, and one symptom appears to be peculiar: "Taste of doughy bread in the mouth."

Relations.-Compare:-Carb. an. (charred ox-hide).


3. Eyes.-Sensitive to light, esp. sunlight.

6. Face.-Face mottled.

8. Mouth.-Taste of doughy bread.-Coppery taste with heat in throat when taking the drug.

12. Abdomen.-Pricking in navel when lying.-Needle-like pain, intermitting in r. groin, in direction of joint, after walking.

22. Upper Limbs.-Numbness of arm on which he lies; of hand and legs.

23. Lower Limbs.-Frequent pain, now in l. buttock now in thigh.

26. Sleep.-Drowsiness and yawning.