Cereus Serpentinus.

N. O. Cactaceae. Tincture of stems.

Clinical.-Anger, fits of. Enuresis. Epistaxis. Heart, pains in. Impotence.

Characteristics.-The heart was less prominently affected by Cer. serp. than by the other Cacti; but pains in head and a paralysed feeling were experienced. A voluptuous feeling; dwindling of sexual organs; mental irritations were prominent. < On exposure to cold, to which there is great sensitiveness. J. H. Fitch proved Cer. s., as well as Cer. b. Kunze also proved Cer. s.

Relations.-Compare:-Cact. g., Cereus bon., Coni.; Pso. (sensitiveness to cold). Anac. (inclined to swear).


1. Mind.-Angry at trifles.-Fits of sudden ungovernable rage.-Inclined to swear.-Prays all night.-Makes mistakes, reading or writing.

2. Head.-Dizzy in morning, with mucus in throat.-Tensive pain in head and brain.-Feeling as if back part of brain were detached from front, and rotten.

5. Nose.-Epistaxis.

8. Mouth.-At dinner bites inside mouth, r. cheek.

9. Throat.-Much tenacious mucus in throat and back of nose.

14. Urinary Organs.-Pain in region of r. kidney.-Urging to urinate.-Enuresis.-Urine yellowish; or pale tea-green.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-Genital organs small and dwindled.-Excited genital condition.-Emission, seems as if passed in a lump.-Emission followed by cutting pain first in one, then in other testicle.

19. Heart.-Paralysed feeling in heart.-Pain after exertion, followed by short breath, > by full breath.-Afterwards, short sharp pains through heart.-Thrusting pains at heart followed by sighing respiration.

27. Fever.-Very sensitive to cold.