Carya Alba.

Shellbark, or Shagbark Hickory. N. O. Juglandaceae. Tincture of nuts.

Clinical.-Purpura. Scurvy.

Characteristics.-Like Juglans Regia and Juglans Cinerea, Carya alba appears to possess antiscorbutic properties. An exclusive diet of the nuts for three or four weeks, in a girl seven years old, produced pronounced symptoms of scurvy; haemorrhages from all surfaces; on the least excoriation of skin very dark blood gushed out. Blood gushed from gums, nose, ears, and other parts.

Relations.-Compare: Arn., Carbo v., Pho., Merc., Ham., Bry., Rhus., Citrus lim., and Juglandaceae.


6. Face.-Face clay-coloured; swollen.

8. Mouth.-Gums swelled, began to bleed and turn black; could not move lips without causing profuse discharge.

12. Abdomen.-Swollen abdomen.

13. Stool.-Discharge of black blood by stool.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Breath short, difficult; pulse quick.

21. Limbs.-Extremely swollen.

24. Generalities.-Whole body, including face, covered with livid spots from one inch in diameter to size of pin's head; largest like a bruise, smaller sometimes red like flea-bites.