Carboneum Hydrogenisatum.

Carburetted Hydrogen. Ethene. Olefiant gas. C2 H4. Solution in alcohol.

Clinical.-Apoplexy. Eyes, convulsions of. Tetanus. Whooping-cough.

Characteristics.-This gas, which was experimented with by Sir Humphrey Davy, produces a condition almost resembling an apoplectic attack. Stupefaction: comatose; surface cold and completely insensible. Spasm as in lock-jaw. Arms flexed at elbows. One mental symptom is peculiar: an extraordinary sensation of contentment, so that life seems exalted; all his thoughts appear in a moment as if seen in an inner mirror. Many eye symptoms were noted: steady and extreme oscillation of the eyeballs. Eyes distorted. Lids half closed. Dark bodies moving before eyes. > By open air (vertigo, convulsions). It is a popular custom to take children suffering from whooping-cough to breathe the air at a gas-works. A case has been recorded in which an accidental escape of gas in a child's bedroom affected a prompt cure of its whooping-cough. Illuminating gas is a complex gas, carburetted hydrogen being the leading ingredient. In the Schema are included some symptoms produced by illuminating coal gas.

Relations.-Compare: Chloroform, Æther, Amyl nit., Carboneum.


1. Mind.-Contentment; life seems exalted; all his thoughts appear in a moment as if seen in an inner mirror.-Answers questions slowly.-Fell unconscious.-Coma.

2. Head.-Vertigo; < going into open air; with nausea, loss of memory and sensation.-Excruciating pain in forehead and between eyes.-Pressure in brain.

3. Eyes.-Eyes distorted; half closed.-Eyeballs oscillate steadily; synchronously with breathing (illuminating gas).-Dark bodies moving before eyes.

6. Face.-Staring look.-Face turgid.-Cheeks flap.-Some degree of trismus; interrupted by yawning.

11. Stomach.-Violent cramps in stomach.-Nausea and vomiting.

13. Stool.-Involuntary passage of stool and urine.-Stools: rice-water; thin faeces mixed with dark blood and mucus.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Voice feeble and indistinct.-Paroxysms of cough.-Dyspnoea.-Violent tearing pains in thorax.

19. Heart.-Beating of heart scarcely perceptible.-Pulse: strong, rapid, regular; or small and extremely weak.

20. Back.-Violent spasm in the extensors of the back.

21. Limbs.-Spasmodic stitching and trembling of limbs; felt paralysed.

24. Generalities.-Rapid fluctuation of symptoms (coal gas).-Immovable; later regained power in l. arm and hand, but r. arm and leg remained paralysed (coal gas).-Lying as if dead cold and pale, as soon as the windows were open violent convulsions set in.-Anaesthesia.

26. Sleep.-Sleep prolonged and very deep, interrupted by cramps in jaws and toes.

27. Fever.-Skin icy cold.-Sweating copiously; sweat smells of gas (coal gas).