Erythraea chironioides. N. O. Gentianaceae. Tincture of whole plant when in flower.

Clinical.-Influenza. Intermittents.

Characteristics.-This is a popular Californian remedy. It is indicated in intermittents of most severe type of hot countries; general sore, bruised feeling, nausea and retching, the skin becomes wrinkled like a washerwoman's. It was proved by Dr. Richter, who experienced the following among other symptoms: Head feels congested. Scalp tight; feels as if drawn together by indiarubber. Stitches, pain, buzzing and roaring in ears. Constipation, hard, knotty stools. Chills repeatedly down back < in bed, at night. Sleeplessness. After the proving, a cold wind could be borne better than before.

Relations.-Compare: The Gentians, Chi., Ipec.


2. Head.-Head feels congested.-Pressive pains in forehead.-Scalp feels tight, as if drawn together with indiarubber.

3. Eyes.-Burning in eyes, first l. then r.

4. Ears.-Piercing or stitches in ears.-Increased buzzing and roaring.

8. Mouth.-Spitting of white mucus, with trembling and nervousness.

11. Stomach.-Increased appetite.-Eructations.-Regurgitations.-Water-brash.

12. Abdomen.-Flatus.-Slight pain > by pressure.

13. Stool and Anus.-Several loose stools a day.-Constipation.-Hard, knotty, morning stool.

18. Chest.-It alleviated a catarrh produced by influenza.

24. Generalities.-That kind of pain in head and fingers which is concomitant with the attacks of intermittent fever.

26. Sleep.-Sleeplessness (from 1st trit.).

27. Fever.-Chills repeatedly, down the spine and all over, esp. in bed at night.-Heat in whole body; I could bear, after the proving, the cool trade wind, usually setting in, in San Francisco, in the afternoon, better than before.