Calcarea Hypophosphorosa.

Hypophosphite of Lime. Ca 2PH2O2. Trituration and solution.

Clinical.-Angina pectoris. Arteries, affections of. Asthma. Congestion. Headache. Paralysis. Sweating.

Characteristics.-This salt has been proved by A. R. Barrett and a friend, who each took one grain of 2x trit. The following are the chief symptoms it caused: Dull, heavy pressure from whole top of head between frontal and occipital bones; pain generally increased with increasing depression. Great fulness and oppression round heart, fulness throughout thorax and head; veins of upper parts and upper extremities stand out like whipcords. Dyspnoea; must have air. Profuse sweat all over. Complete loss of muscular power with loss of desire to move. Pallor of skin. With the first trituration Nash cured a boy of eight who had several abscesses in and around the knee-joint. The tibia was ulcerated, and the ragged edge of the bone protruded through the surface. There was emaciation, loss of appetite, and he was as pale as a corpse. The appetite returned at once in great force.

Relations.-Compare: Calc. phos., Glon., Baryt. c.; K. ca. (excessive sweating, weakness, pallor); Cact. (heart and arteries).


1. Mind.-Mental depression.-Indisposition to move.

2. Head.-Dull, heavy pain, pressive, across top of head, including whole of parietal bones, increasing gradually, mental depression increasing in proportion; general sense of fulness, with oppression round heart, followed.-As symptoms subsided, pain (dull, pressive) left vertex, passed to forehead, pain extending from r. to l. temple throughout whole frontal bone.

19. Heart.-Following headache, great fulness and oppression round heart; fulness throughout whole thorax and head, veins of hands, arms, neck, and head standing out like whipcords; no flushing or perceptible increase in pulse; dyspnoea, must have windows open; profuse sweat; complete loss of power.

24. Generalities.-Limbs perfectly powerless; unable to rise from chair or move either arms or legs in the least; generally unable to speak except in a low monotone.-Total loss of all desire to move or make any muscular exertion, with inability to do so.

27. Fever.-Profuse sweat all over.-When the symptoms had passed off, lips were dry and cracked, as from fever; considerable thirst.