Calcarea Caustica

Aqua Calcis. Ca H2 O2. Quicklime is slaked in distilled water. Afterwards alcohol is added and the clear liquid decanted.

Clinical.-Back, pains in. Coccygodynia. Corns. Feet (pains in heels). Hoarseness. Jaw, affection of. Malar bones, pain in. Neuralgia. Paralysis. Rheumatism. Spleen, affections of. Stiff-neck. Tapeworm. Toothache.

Characteristics.-Calc. Caust. has been extensively proved. The most marked symptoms are: Thought very difficult. Confusion in the head. Vertigo; as if room turning in a circle. Sticking, tearing, throbbing pains in various parts. Pain in right eye as if a foreign body were in it. Burning and tearing in eyes. Tearing in right cheekbone; and in right articulation of jaw. Toothache every night, 2 a.m., with feeling as if teeth were fuzzy and too large (a fuzzy sensation was noticed in other parts). Mucus in throat; burning; sensation as if a bone were sticking in it. Burning in stomach. Tapeworm passes. Hoarseness, with pain in throat; rawness in trachea and cough. Stitches in chest. Stiffness and tearing in all regions of back and in coccyx. Tearing in either shoulder down arms. Tearing in left tendo Achillis; left heel. Sticking in corns. As an external application in the form of compresses, Lime-water has an ancient repute in allaying inflammation of many kinds. It has rapidly dispelled all inflammatory action in cases of appendicitis; and has removed all suffering in an aggravated case of phagedaenic piles. As with Calc. c., there is < of most symptoms in the evening. Toothache 2 a.m. > From motion. < From hanging down limb. The Calc. < from working in water is paralleled by "pains in hands and feet after a foot-bath."

Relations.-Compare: Besides the Calcareas, Rhus (pain in joint of jaw); Mez. and Mag. c. (pain in malar bones); Valer. (pain in heel); Pic. ac. and Sep. (loins); Hep. and Nit. ac. (bone sensation in throat).


1. Mind.-Thought very difficult.-Weary and peevish on waking; as if he had been intoxicated.

2. Head.-Confusion of the head; esp. l. side.-Vertigo, as if room turning in a circle; thinks she will fall from chair.-Throbbing in frontal sinus > by contracting skin of forehead.

3. Eyes.-Burning in eyes, evening by candlelight.-Pain in r. eye as if foreign body under upper lid; in l. eye on rising in morning as if a thorn in it.

6. Face.-Tearing in r. cheek-bone.-Violent pain, swelling, stiffness of r. joint of Jaw.-Lips unusually red.

7. Teeth.-Severe toothache every night, 2 a.m., as if tooth was fuzzy and too large, with tensive pain in l. ear as if something was sticking in it.-Teeth feel too large; fuzzy.

8. Mouth.-Mouth offensive; palate feels as if mucus were upon it, but none is expectorated.

9. Throat.-Mucus in throat, difficult to raise, almost causing vomiting.-Hawking of granular, glutinous material like cooked rice.-Burning in fauces and oesophagus caused by water.-Sensation as of a bone sticking in pharynx.

11. Stomach.-Severe hunger three hours after eating.-Nausea followed by vomiting of some fluid.

12. Abdomen.-Sticking in both hypochondria, esp. severe in l.-Pain in l. side of region of spleen as if a ball were turning on its axis.-Constrictive pain in abdomen; griping; stitches.-Violent stitches in small intestines when bending forward.

13. Stool and Anus.-Three thin stools before breakfast and one immediately after.-Painful stool as if a nail were scratching in anus.-Thin, pasty stool with much mucus immediately after breakfast.-Passed many pieces of tapeworm.-Haemorrhoids.-Sticking, tearing motions in rectum extending towards anus.-Crawling in rectum and anus.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Menses eight days too early.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Stitches in larynx; l. half.-Hoarseness, with pain in throat; feeling of rawness in trachea; cough.-Cough with stitches in chest, expectoration of mucus and blood.-Sternum: oppression; pressive sticking under; stitches across.-Stitches in l. chest.

20. Neck and Back.-Stiffness of neck; of back of neck; of all neck muscles.-Tearing in nape.-Violent pains in scapulae extending into small of back, when sitting; < on inspiration.-Tearing between shoulders.-Tearing in both scapulae, between shoulders, then through neck and occiput as far as forehead.-Sensation in both shoulder-blades as if they were fuzzy and had gone to sleep (8 p.m.).-Pain in small of back; on waking > by moving about.-Pressive, drawing pains; sticking; tearing, in small of back.-Tearing in coccyx.

21. Limbs.-Trembling in limbs; could not continue work; > by eating a piece of bread.-Rheumatic pain alternating in all the joints.-Wandering pains.-Pains in hands and feet after a foot-bath.

22. Upper Limbs.-Tearing in shoulders, arms and axillae.-Paralysed condition of r. hand.-Stitches and tearing in l. wrist.

23. Lower Limbs.-Severe tension in lower extremities.-Stitches in hip-joints.-Tearing in knees; in r. side of r. tibia down to toes; in l. tendo Achillis; in l. heel.-Sticking in a corn.

25. Skin.-Rash-like eruption on forehead.-Biting, itching vesicles; on neck and back extending later to occiput and behind ears.

26. Sleep.-Restless; many dreams; nightmare.

27. Fever.-Violent chill with chattering teeth 7 to 7.30 p.m.