Cajuput oil distilled (in water) from leaves of Melaleuca leucadendron. Variety, M. cajupute minor. (Moluccas.) N. O. Myrtaceae. Solution of the oil in rectified Spirit.

Clinical.-Deafness. Diarrhoea (night). Dropsy. Epilepsy. Gout. Headache. Heartburn. Hiccough. Hysteria. Menstruation, disorders of. Å’sophagus, stricture of. Paralysis. Rheumatism. Tongue, affections of; swelling of. Toothache. Urinary disorders. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-Cajutut has a reputation in the old school as a local application in rheumatism, and also in cases of dysmenorrhoea. It has had a homoeopathic proving, and some very characteristic symptoms have been developed. A feeling of enlargement; too large all over; as if head as large as half a bushel. Feeling as though could not get himself together (Bapt.); could not get his clothes for a time, though they were quite near. As if poisoned. As if the arms were tied to the body; heavy; useless. Numb feeling all over. A measles-like eruption; intense itching. Many nervous symptoms are developed, some reflected from the female sexual organs. There is the persistent choking sensation of hysteria; nervous dyspnoea; nervous distension of the bowels. Earache and faceache; the lobe of the ear is red; alae nasi suddenly turn red; nose appears swollen. It has cured obstinate hiccough from slightest provocation, talking, laughing, eating, or any motion. Symptoms appear and disappear suddenly; come at 5 a.m.; disappear suddenly on eating. Many symptoms are < at night. Smoking = desire to vomit.

Relations.-Compare: Bov. (swollen sensations); Plantago (earache, toothache); Colch. (gout and rheumatism); Aco. and Bell. (effects of checked sweat). Eucalyptus, Eugenia caryophyllacea (clove), Eugenia jambos and the Brazil-nut tree belong to the same order.

Causation.-Effects of checked perspiration.


1. Mind.-Averse to being spoken to, though likes to hear other people talk.-Can't bear to look inside the books he usually studies; can think of a thousand things in a minute.-Prefers to walk alone, slowly.-Feels better in the society of ladies, and can talk with them (though naturally bashful); he does not like to talk with the men.

2. Head.-Intoxicated feeling, feels as if he would stumble over his own legs.-Head feels enlarged; dull and heavy; in occiput.-Frontal headache, esp. in eyes, < on bending forward.-Severe headache 5 a.m., with prosopalgia and stiffness of jaws.

3. Eyes.-Heavy feeling in eyes; upper lids feel as heavy and thick as leather.

4. Ears.-Lobules of ears turn red.

5. Nose.-During day alae nasi suddenly turn red, redness suddenly disappearing.-Nose is most prominent; looks as if large and extending out from face on looking down.

6. Face.-Face feels all puffed up.-Cannot hurt skin of face by pinching it.-Face feels rough.-Stiff, dry feeling in jaws, with neuralgic pains in malar bones, and severe headache all over head on waking at 5 a.m.

8. Mouth.-Tongue feels swollen; as if it filled mouth all up, making her lisp, feels scalded; looks white and rough.-Profuse salivation.-Speech thick and slow.-Acrid taste.

9. Throat.-Constant inclination to spit and hawk up large quantities of tough white mucus, which he could feel drawn through the nares.-Feels closed up.-Å’sophagus: paralysed; swollen sensation; constricted,< attempting to swallow solid food.-Burning in pharynx and oesophagus.-Persistent sensation of choking.

11. Stomach.-Burning in throat down to stomach.-Nausea.

13. Stool and Rectum.-Rectum paralysed.-Bright yellow diarrhoea < night.-Choleraic diarrhoea from sudden check of perspiration.

14. Urinary Organs.-Urine diminished, milky; smells like cat's urine.

15. Male Sexual Organs.-Erections with great desire.-Erections all night, and long after rising, but without the least desire.-Penis soon became shrivelled up.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Menses suspended, or diminished and attended with pain, when caused by a cold or check of perspiration.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Warmth down trachea into lungs.-Hoarseness.-Cough causing vomiting.-Nervous dyspnoea.-Sharp pain through apices of both lungs from before backward (esp. r.).

20. Neck.-All the muscles of the neck are very sensitive to pressure.

21. Limbs.-Rheumatic symptoms (Cajuput oil is a common remedy as an application to rheumatic joints).-Pain as if joints were enlarged.

22. Upper Limbs.-Arms feel like soaked wood hanging to one.-Left arm feels out of joint.

23. Lower Limbs.-Weakness in both knees.-Stitching pains in knees on rising in bed.