Arum Italicum

A. Italicum, Miller. N. O. Araceae. Tincture of root.

Clinical.-Brain-fag. Colic. Fever. Headache. Hoarseness. Itching.

Characteristics.-Dr. Paul Pitet is the authority for this medicine. The chief symptoms observed were the following: Headache, chiefly in occiput, < in damp weather. Dull pain in brain from least intellectual effort. Colic in umbilical region with diarrhoea. Smarting and tearing pains in rectum during stool. Burning behind sternum. Burning in fingers, < by pressure. Skin covered with miliary vesicles desquamates. Prickling and formication as from hundreds of needles on tips of fingers. The colic is < by wine, brandy, coffee. Itching is < 6 p.m. Hoarseness 9 p.m. Damp weather