Aristolochia Milhomens

A. cymbifera. A. glandifera. Brazilian Snake-root. N. O. Aristolochiaceae. Tincture of the flowers.

Clinical.-Diabetes. Extravasations. Heart, pain in. Tendo Achillis, pain in.

Characteristics.-This medicine was proved by Mure. I do not know of any clinical verifications. Prominent among the symptoms are: Lancinating and pricking pains in various parts. Lancinating pain at apex of heart stopping breath. Excoriations of lips and gums. Cramp-like pains in left tendo Achillis. "The whole leg is covered with large irregular patches formed by extravasated blood." The mouth is pasty in the morning. Anorexia. Colic followed by diarrhoeic stool. Burning at anus. Disturbed rest. Disgusting dreams. Head burning hot. Great thirst and bitter mouth; makes water more frequently than usual.