Aranea Scinencia

A grey spider found in Kentucky on old walls. Does not spin a web. N. O. Arachnida. Tincture.

Clinical.-Debility. Eyes, affections of. Headache.

Characteristics.-Aran. scin. has been proved in 1st and 2nd dilutions. One remarkable symptom noticed was: "Constant twitching of under eyelids," which brings this spider into line with the choreic Mygale. Eyes inflamed, weak, watery, lids swollen. Rather profuse flow of saliva; sweet taste in mouth. Much dull, stupid headache of considerable intensity, especially in postero-superior part of head; unable to rest for it; could not collect thoughts with it. Felt as if he had been drinking. Sleepiness. All symptoms < in warm room.

Relations.-Compare: Spiders generally. Agar.; Carb. v. (< warm room, also Puls., Apis, Sul., &c.).