Aqua Marina

Sea-water. Dilutions.

Clinical.-Biliousness. Constipation. Headache. Sea-sickness. Seaside, effects of.

Characteristics.-Aq. mar. has been principally used (in high potencies) for the effects of residence near the sea (as biliousness, constipation, headache, &c.). It has been used in wineglassful doses and also in potencies as a remedy for sea-sickness. It has been proved by C. Wesselhoeft. Among the symptoms were: Neuralgic pains down right temple and forehead. Faceache left side; cold water intolerable. Sensation of a hair or fishbone in throat, tickling and urging to swallow, causing cough, which does not relieve. Pain on swallowing, extending to ear and temples. Nausea; and nauseous sensation in stomach and abdomen. This symptom seems peculiar: "Constant hawking and raising of phlegm, tough and white like cotton." The leading indication for it is: < at seaside; or on the sea.

Relations.-Compare: Nat. mur., Chlorum (but in addition to its chief ingredient, sea-water contains in solution every inorganic substance in the world); also Silica marina.