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Alnus rubra, Tag Alder; and Alnus glutinosa, Common Alder of Europe. N. O. Cupuliferae. (Not to be confounded with certain of the Rhamnaceae, which are also popularly called "Alders.") Tinctures of the bark, and of the young shoots.

Clinical.-Amenorrhoea. Glands, enlarged. Gleet. Haemorrhage. Herpes. Impetigo. Leucorrhoea. Prurigo. Psora. Rheumatism. Scrofula. Syphilis.

Characteristics.-Alnus is an unproved remedy. The bark-tincture of Alnus rubra is used by eclectics as an "alterative" in scrofulous conditions, in chronic skin affections, rheumatism, syphilis, gravel, and gleet. The plant grows in swamps and marshes. Among its indications are: Leucorrhoea with erosions which bleed easily; amenorrhoea with burning pains from back to pubis. Haematuria. Cooper, who has used a fresh plant tincture of A. glutinosa, gives: "Pain in rectum after stool"; and "heaviness in head as after being drunk the night before" as having been produced by it. Hale gives as particularly indicating it: "Eruptions on the skin alternating with diseased conditions of mucous membrane."

Relations.-Compare: Hamam., Stilling., Phytol., Kali i., Merc., Nux v., Bapt. Alternating conditions, Alo., Pod., Kali bi.