Agaricus Emeticus

A small acrid species, found in woods in Europe. N. O. Fungi. Tincture of fresh fungus.

Clinical.-Gastritis. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-The symptoms of Agar. emet. resemble those of the other Agarics, but they have this characteristic, that whilst cold water < the symptoms of Agar. musc. it speedily and permanently relieves those of Agar. emet. Violent burning pains are caused in the stomach. There is sudden and violent longing for ice-cold water (during the worst attacks of anxiety), which causes gradual relief; violent vomiting, with anxious sensation, as if the stomach hung on threads which would be momentarily torn in two, with ice-cold sweat of face, and faintness < by moving head; < by smelling vinegar, which is unbearable. Most marked is the vertigo, which is so severe one must be carried to bed; is not able to sit or stand.

Relations.-Anxiety partially > by cold drinks, Acon., Sul. < From vinegar, Ant. c., Ars., Bell., Brom., Fer., Sep., Sul.