Aethiops Antimonialis

Made by triturating two parts of sulphuret of antimony with one of quicksilver. (Berliner, Zeit. f. Hom. Ærzte., vol. ii. Hom. Recorder, 1894, p. 28.) Trituration.

Clinical.-Ophthalmia. Otorrhoea. Scrofula. Skin, affections of. Syphilis.

Characteristics.-This remedy has not been proved, but it has been used with signal success in scrofulous, herpetic, eczematous eruptions and discharges. Favus-like eruptions. Eruptions from fright. Painful, irritating, scabby eruptions of face. Scrofulous ophthalmia. Scrofulous otorrhoea, offensive. Hereditary syphilis. It seems to combine the powers of its various components. I have confirmed its utility in many aggravated skin affections.