Aesculus Glabra

Fetid or Ohio Buckeye. (States of North America watered by Ohio River.) N. O. Sapindaceae. Part employed, whole ripe fruit.

Clinical.-Constipation. Cough. Cramp in stomach. Haemorrhoids. Meningitis. Paralysis. Speech, thick. Vertigo. Wry-neck.

Characteristics.-Æsculus glabra, like the Horse-chestnut, has a marked action on the rectum. It produces hard, knotty stools; very painful. Dark purple haemorrhoidal tumours, with lame back and lower limbs. Hale gives the indication: "Very painful external tumours, dark purple, with constipation and vertigo; weakness of sacrum and lower limbs." At the same time there is fulness and heaviness of the head without pain; the sight may be dim or lost; eyes fixed and expressionless. The speech is thick and the tongue as if lame. In cattle it produces wry-neck and paresis of hind limbs. There is a cough produced by sudden irritation of throat, sensation as of a feather tickling the throat, causing hawking and raising of mucus finally streaked with blood.

Relations.-Compare: Æsc. hipp., Alo., Collins., Ign., Nux v.


1. Mind.-Confusion, with vertigo, often followed by stupefaction and coma.

2. Head.-Vertigo, with staggering, reeling, unconsciousness.-Vertigo, with full, heavy head, dim sight; thick speech, nausea and vomiting; faintness; towards evening.

3. Eyes.-Eyes fixed and dead; expressionless.-Sight dim or lost.

8. Mouth.-Speech thick, and tongue as if lame.

11. Stomach.-Nausea, with loathing of food and vomiting.-Distension (in cattle).-Full sensation.-Cramp-like pain.

13. Stool and Anus.-Hard, knotty stools; constipation.-Very painful, dark purple, haemorrhoidal tumours, with lame back and lower limbs.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Sudden irritation of the throat; a sensation of a feather tickling the throat causing hacking and raising of mucus, finally streaked with blood.

20. Neck and Back.-Wry-neck (cattle).-Great lameness and weakness of back.

23. Lower Limbs.-Trembling of lower limbs.-Hind limbs lame; paralysis.-Strong tendency to contraction of legs.

24. Generalities.-Spasms and convulsions, followed by lameness.-Trembling.