Aconitum Lycoctonum

A. lycoctonum, Linn. A. telyphonum, Reich. Wolfsbane. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of fresh plant when coming into bloom. (The only aconite which does not contain Aconitine.)

Clinical.-Breasts, inflammation of. Constipation. Diarrhoea. Glands, enlargement of. Hodgkin's disease. Liver, disorders of. Pork, effects of. Strangury.

Characteristics.-The symptoms of A. lycoct., whilst resembling those of the other aconites in some respects, show a marked absence of the cutaneous-nerve affections so prominent in their provings. The most notable symptoms are swelling of the cervical, axillary, and mammary glands. I have used it with good effect in cases of scrofulous glands, and even where Hodgkin's disease has been suspected. Diarrhoea after eating pork. Itching is prominent in the proving: of eyes, nose, anus, vulva. The skin of the nose is cracked. There is a cough leaving a taste of blood in the mouth. The symptoms are < in afternoon (like Lycop.); < from mental exertion; < during digestion, especially of pork, onions, and after wine.

Relations.-Compare: Cistus, Lap. alb., Con., Iod., Spo., Lyc., Carb. an.; Puls. (effects of pork).


1. Mind.-Mania.-Ferocity.-Laughter.-Distraction.-Instability of ideas.-Dread of work.

2. Head.-Vertigo with nausea.-Lancinating pain in head extending across eyes.-Sensation as if a nail were driven into head when moving it.-Hammering in temples.-Pain like rheumatism in scalp < by touch.

3. Eyes.-Lancinating pain in eyes from without inward.-Painfulness of lids.-Itching in lids.-Pressure on lids and difficulty of raising them.-Smarting in canthi; dryness at inner canthus.

4. Ears.-Purulent discharge from ears; redness behind them.

5. Nose.-Itching on nose; sensitiveness; lancinations.-Compression at root of nose.-Skin of nose cracked.-Muco-purulent discharge from nose.

6. Face.-Face pale; shining.-Pain of excoriation round mouth.-Pain in facial bones.-Tension in facial muscles.-Hard tuberculous pimples on face.-Pimples on lips.-Skin of face becomes light brown.-Numbness of jaw, like incipient paralysis, > by compression and by drinking wine.

7. Teeth.-Burning pain in upper teeth.-Pressing in teeth.-Tearing in lower teeth when opening mouth.-Gums bluish; ulcerated.

8. Mouth.-Taste, clayey; astringent.

10. Appetite.-Strong relish for dainties, fruits, cabbage.-Increased relish for tobacco in a smoker.-Aversion to food in general esp. fatty things and milk; they cause uneasiness.-Keen hunger very soon satisfied.-Constant thirst even when drinking.-Burning thirst.-Thirst at night.

11. Stomach.-Risings: rancid; like rotten eggs, acid with weight on stomach.-Painful eructations.-Hiccough.-Inclination to vomit after eating; with shivering; with vertigo.-Vomiting: of mucus on getting out of bed; yellowish after drinking; with copious urination.

12. Abdomen.-R. hypochondrium: bruised pain; tearing pain; starting.-When breathing both hypochondria feel bruised. Sensation of compression referred to diaphragm.-Anxiety; beatings in abdomen.-Lancinating pain after milk.

13. Stool.-Constipation; anus feels as if strongly contracted.-Diarrhoea, with violent cutting after eating pork.-Whitish stools.-After stool, pain in anus as if there was a crack there; shivering.-Cramp at anus.-Itching at anus.-Tenesmus during night.

14. Urinary Organs.-Desire to urinate with copious emissions.-Urging with ineffectual efforts.-Urine: hot; turbid, depositing a white sediment.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Itching at vulva.-Menstrual blood fetid.-Excoriation of bend of thigh after menses.-Leucorrhoea: viscid.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Difficult respiration.-Slight cough with watery expectoration.-After a slight chill, cough leaving a taste of, blood in the mouth.

18. Chest.-Swelling of the mammary glands.

20. Neck and Back.-Swelling of the cervical glands.-The neck seems to grow larger.-Swelling of the neck on one side only.-Pressing pain at the nape of the neck.-Shivering in the back.-Jerking in the region of the kidneys.

22. Upper Limbs.-Swelling of axillary glands.-Pressure; lancinating pains in shoulder joints.-Tearing pain in elbow joints.-Stiffness in elbows and wrists.-Sensation of fulness in hands.-Sweat on hands.

23. Lower Limbs.-On stretching legs ham-muscles feel as if much shortened.-Jerking in legs.-Itching at ankles in evening.-Lancinating pain at instep when standing.-Eruption of hot, red, slightly painful spots on legs and toes.

26. Sleep.-Drowsiness; he sleeps too long.-Aberration of hearing during sleep.-During sleep, numbness of the parts he lies on.

27. Fever.-Horripilation.-Chilliness of one side only as soon as he is uncovered.-In morning external coldness with feeling of heat.-Coldness alternating with heat, succeeded by sweat.-During heat, pale face, strong appetite, thirst, pain in bowels, restlessness.-Sweat continues after fever.