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Hysterical sensitivity with extreme aggravation from noise, motion and exertion marks this remedy as unique. The pains are aggravated from noise, and motion, and the nerves are in such a state of sensitivity that a painful thrill passes over the body in waves and nausea follows. Nausea from noise is strikingly strange. It cures the most stubborn cases of spinal irritation, when the symptoms agree. Chronic catarrh of the nose. Necrosis of bone. Quick consumption. Emaciation. Enlargement of glands. Constant hunger and thirst. It was a remedy with the old masters for scrofulous conditions. Great lassitude. Complaints are ameliorated by warmth, and during rest. Fainting from least exertion. Chilliness, trembling and anxiety. So restless that she must keep busy, though she accomplishes nothing. The bones are sore.

Sadness and mental depression. Hysterical conduct, hilarity. Aversion to work, and to his business. Joyousness and singing with headache. Vertigo on closing the eyes, from motion, from stooping, on board a vessel, from every noise, with nausea, vomiting, and cold sweat. Awakens at 11 P. M. with vertigo and slow pulse. Vertigo with dim vision and pain in eyes. Vertigo and nausea from dosing the eyes when kneeling in church. Vertigo like sea-sickness.

The headache is most violent, aggravated on motion, aggravated talking, aggravated from warm drinks, with nausea and vomiting. Sensitive to light and noise. Pain in forehead extending to occiput, aggravated from noise, motion, and cold air. Headache on beginning to move. Sensation as if vertex did not belong to her, as though she could lift it off. Pain deep in eye. Complaints from sunstroke. Pressing pain in temples. Pulsating pain over Ieft eve and across forehead. Cannot lie down with the headache. Itching of scalp, and nape in evening.

This remedy cures many nervous eye symptoms. Flickering, even when eyes are closed. Like a veil before the eyes. Double vision. Sensitive to light. Diplopia. Fluttering. Nausea, and cold hands. Pressing pain behind eyes. On closing eyes, nausea and vomiting. The hearing is very acute. Every least noise penetrates the whole body, especially the teeth, aggravates vertigo and causes nausea. Rushing noises in ears like a waterfall. Pressure about the ears. Fullness behind the ears.

It has cured most obstinate catarrh of nose with offensive thick yellow or greenish yellow discharges. Pressing pain at root of nose. Dryness in nose. Paroxysms of violent sneezing. The face is pale and sickly. Lockjaw in morning on waking. Foam at mouth with chill. Teeth sensitive to cold water and shrill sounds. Toothache causes weeping. Burning in teeth. Salty taste in mouth. The tongue feels as if burnt. Mouth feels numb. Taste impaired. Desires wine and sour drinks. Much thirst. Desires food, but does not know what.

Nausea with many complaints and from many causes. Nausea in the morning on rising, from noise, on closing the eyes, when looking too long at one object, on motion, from talking, from fast riding in a carriage, from riding on the cars or on a ship. Nausea with headache, with vertigo; nausea aggravated from warm drinks. In seasickness of nervous women when they close the eyes to get rid of the motion of the vessel they become deathly sick. Tenderness of stomach.

This is a useful remedy in many liver conditions, with burning pain, aggravated from touch, motion and noise, and bilious vomiting. Pain in groin in a man after coitus; on motion, and on drawing up the limb. Constipation, with difficult, soft stool. Contraction of anus. Enlarged prostate gland with sensation of a lump in perineum. Must arise several times during the night to pass urine. Copious urine during the night.

Feeble erection and diminished desire. Seminal emissions during sleep in the afternoon. Sore bruised pain in the ovarian region, aggravated by motion. Menses suppressed. Sighing and short breath on ascending stairs. Stitching in chest beneath left shoulder to throat. Quick consumption. Anxiety about heart.

Very sensitive spine, aggravated from motion, noise, a jar, stepping. Pain between scapulae. .Spinal anaemia. Itching of back and nape. Drawing in thighs with a cold sensation, ameliorated by warmth. Violent itching of calf. Swelling of feet. Heaviness of the limbs. Pain in bones as if broken. Shaking chill. Sweats easily. Icy cold perspiration with fainting vertigo and vomiting at night. Violent itching of skin.