zincum metallicum

Persons suffering from cerebral and nervous exhaustion; defective vitality; brain or nerve power wanting; too weak to develop exanthemata or menstrual function, to expectorate, to urinate; to comprehend, to memorize. Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet or lower extremeties; must move them constantly. Always feels better every way as soon as the menses begin to flow; it relieves all her sufferings; but they return again soon after the flow ceases. In the cerebral affections: in impending paralysis of brain; where the vis medicatrix naturae is too weak to develop exanthemata (Cup., Sulph., Tub.); symptoms of effusion into ventricles. Child repeats everything said to it. Child cries out during sleep; whole body jerks during sleep; wakes frightened, starts, rolls the head from side to side; face alternately pale and red. Convulsions: during dentition, with pale face, no heat, except perhaps in occiput, no increase in temperature (rev. of Bell.); rolling the eyes; gnashing the teeth. Automatic motion of hands and head, or one hand and head (Apoc., Bry., Hell.). Chorea: from suppresse eruption; from fright. Hunger: ravenous, about 11 or 12 a. m. (Sulph.); great greediness when eating; cannot eat fast enough (incipient brain disease in children). Excessive nervous moving of feet, in bed for hours after retiring, even when asleep. Feet sweaty and more about toes; fetid, suppressed foot-sweat; very nervous. Chillblains, painful, < from rubbing. Spinal affections; burning whole length of spine; backache much < from sitting > by walking about (Cobalt., Puls., Rhus). Spinal irritation; great prostration of strength. Cannot bear back touched (Chin. s., Taren., Ther.). Can only void urine while sitting bent backwards. Twitching and jerking of single muscles (Agar., Ign.). Weakness and trembling of extremities; of hands while writing; during menses. During sweat, cannot tolerate any covering.

< Of many symptoms from drinking wine, even a small quantity (Alum., Con.).

> Symptoms: of chest, by expectoration; of bladder, by urinating; of back, by emissions (< by Cobalt.); general, by menstrual flow. Is followed well by, Ign., but not by Nux, which disagrees.

Inimical - Cham., and Nux; should not be used before or after.