sambucus nigra

Adapted to diseases of scrofulous children, which affect the air passages specially. Persons formerly robust and fleshy, suddenly become emaciated (Iod., Tub.). Bad effects of violent mental emotions; anxiety, grief, or excessive sexual indulgence (Phos. ac., Kali p.). Oedmatous swelling in various parts of the body, especially in legs, instep and feet. Dry coryza of infants (sniffles); nose dry and completely obstructed, preventing breathing and nursing (Am. c., Nux). Dyspnoea: child awakens suddenly nearly suffocated, face livid, blue, sits up in bed; turns blue, gasps for breath, which it finally gets; attack passes off but is again repeated; child inspires but cannot expire (Chlorine, Meph.); sleeps into the attack (Lach.). Compare: Aurum drac. in Miller's asthma. Attacks of suffocation as in last stage of croup. Cough: suffocative, with crying children; worse about midnight; hollow, deep whooping, with spasm of chest; with regular inhalations but sighing exhalations. Cough deep, dry, precedes the fever paroxysm. Fever: dry heat while he sleeps; on falling asleep; after lying down; without thirst, dreads uncovering (must be covered in every stage, Nux). Profuse sweat over entire body during waking hours; on going to sleep, dry heat returns (sweats as soon as he closes his eyes to sleep, Cinch., Con.).

< During rest; after eating fruit.

> Sitting up in bed. Motion; most of the pains occur during rest and disappear during motion (Rhus).