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Adapted to persons of bilious temperament who suffer from gastro- intestinal derangement, especially after abuse of mercury; "bilious attacks.". Thirst for large quantities of cold water (Bry.). Pains: sudden shocks of jerking pains. Depression of spirits, imagines he is going to die or be very ill (Ars.); disgust for life. Headache alternates with diarrhoea (Aloe); headache in winter, diarrhoea in summer. Painless cholera morbus; cholera infantum (Phyt.). Violent cramps in feet, calves, thighs, watery, painless stools. Difficult dentition: moaning, grinding the teeth at night; intense desire to press the gums together (Phyt.); head hot and rolling from side to side (Bell., Hell.). Diarrhoea: of long standing; early in morning, continues through forenoon, followed by natural stool in evening (Aloe), and accompanied by sensation of weakness or sinking in abdomen or rectum. Diarrhoea of children: during teething; after eating; while being bathed or washed; of dirty water soaking napkin through (Benz. ac.); with gagging. Stool: green, watery, fetid, profuse (Calc.); gushing out (Gamb., Jat., Phos.); chalk-like, jelly-like (Aloe); undigested (Cinch., Ferr.); yellow meal-like sediment; prolapse of rectum before or with stool. Prolapsus uteri: from overlifting or straining; from constipation; after parturition; with subinvolution. In early months of pregnancy, can lie comfortably only on stomach (Acet. ac.). Patient is constantly rubbing and shaking the region of liver with his hand. Fever paroxysm at 7 a. m. with great loquacity during chill and heat; sleep during perspiration. Affects right throat, right ovary, right hypochondrium (Lyc.). Pain and numbness in right ovary, running down thigh of that side (Lil.). Suppressed menses in young girls (Puls., Tub.).

< In early morning (Aloe, Nux, Sulph.); in hot weather; during dentition.