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Patients of a rheumatic diathesis; rheumatism of fibrous and periosteal tissue; mercurial or syphillitic. Emaciation, chlorosis; loss of fat. Great exhaustion and profound prostration. Occupies a position between Bryonia and Rhus; cures when these fail, though apparently well indicated. In rheumatism and neuralgia after diphtheria, gonorrhea, mercury or syphilis. Pain flying like electric shocks; shooting, lancinating: rapidly shifting (Lac c., Puls.); worse from motion and at night. Entire indifference to life; sure she will die. Vertigo: when rising from bed feels faint (Bry.). Intense headache and backache; lame, sore bruised feeling all over; constant desire to move but motion < pains (Lac c., Mer. - motion > Rhus). Irresistible desire to bit the teeth or gums together (Pod.); during dentition. Sore throat; of a dark color; uvula large, dropsical, almost translucent (Kali bi., Rhus). Diphtheria: pains shoot from throat into ears on swallowing; great pain at root of tongue when swallowing; burning, as from a coal of fire or a red-hot iron: dryness; difficult to swallow with trembling of the hands; sensation of a lump in the throat with continuous desire to swallow; tonsils, uvula and back part of throat covered with ash-colored membrane; cannot drink hot fluids (Lach.). Carotid and submaxillary glands indurated after diphtheria, scarlet fever. Mammae full of hard, painful nodosities. Breast; shows an early tendency to cake; is full, stony, hard and painful, especially when suppuration is inevitable; when child nurses pain goes from nipple to all over body (goes to back, Crot. t.; to uterus, Puls., Sil.). Mammary abscess; fistulae, gaping, angry ulcers; pus sanious, ichorous, fetid; unhealthy. Tumefied breast neither heals nor suppurates, is of a purple hue and "hard as old cheese" (Bry., Lac c., Phel.). Nipples, sensitive, sore, fissured (Graph.); < intensely by nursing, pain radiates over whole body. Hastens suppuration (Hep., Lach., Mer., Sil.).

< When it rains: exposure to damp, cold weather.