mercurius biniodide

Diphtheritic and glandular affections of left side; fauces dark red; solids or liquids painful when swallowing; exudation slight, easily detached; cases attending epidemic scarlet fever, ulcers on fauces or tonsils; glands enlarged; greenish tough lumps from pharynx or posterior nares. Tubercular pharyngitis. Mercurius Solubilis. Hahnemann's Soluble Mercury. Nervous affections after suppressed discharges especially in psoric patients (Asaf.). Glandular and scrofulous affections of children. Otorrhoea: bloody, offensive discharge, with stabbing tearing pain; < right side, at night and lying on affected side. Furuncles and boils in external meatus (Pic. ac.). Polypi and fungous excresences in external meatus (Mar. v., Thuja). Acrid nasal secretion, having odor of old cheese; nostrils, red, raw, ulcerated. Epistaxis: when coughing; at night during sleep; hangs in a dark clotted string from the nose, like an circle. Gonorrhoea: with phymosis or chancroids; green discharge, < at night; urging to urinate; intolerable burning in for part of urethra when passing last few drops; prepuce hot, swollen, oedematous and sensitive to touch; of a torpid character, with threatening or suppurating bubo. Chancre: primary; regular indurated Hunterian, with lardaceous base; with cheesy bottom and inverted red edges; with phymosis or paraphymosis; deep, round, penetrating, eating through fraenum and prepuce; bleeding, painful, yellowish fetid discharge. Hahnemann's remedy for syphilis and diseases of the genito-urinary tract. Is rarely indicated if the tongue is dry. Disease of the skin; intolerable biting, itching, over body, as from insect bites, < in evening and from warmth of bed; becomes pleasant on scratching. Weakness and weariness of limbs; sore, bruised.