magnesia phosphorica

Is best adapted to thin, emaciated persons of a highly nervous organization; dark complexion. Affections of right side of body; head, ear, face, chest, ovary, sciatic nerve (Bell., Bry., Chel., Kali c., Lyc., Pod.). Pains: sharp, cutting, stabbing; shooting, stitching; lightning-like in coming and going (Bell.); intermittent, paroxysym becoming almost unberable, driving patient to frenzy; rapidly changing place (Lac c., Puls.), with a constricting sensation (Cac., Iod., Sulph.); cramping, in neuralgic affections of stomach, abdomen and pelvis (Caul., Col.). Great dread: of cold air; of uncovering; of touching affected part; of cold bathing or washing; of moving. Languid, tired, exhausted; unable to sit up. Complaints from standing in cold water or working in cold clay (Cal.). Ailments of teething children; spasms during dentition, no fever (with fever, hot head and skin, Bell.). Headache: begins in occiput and extends over head (Sang., Sil.); of school girls; face red, flushed; from mental emotion, exertion or hard study; < 10 to 11 a. m. or 4 to 5 p. m.; > by pressure and external heat. Neuralgia; of face, supra-orbital or infra-orbital; right side; intermittent, darting, cutting < by touch, cold air, pressure > by external heat. Toothache: at night; rapidly shifting; < eating, drinking, especially cold things; > by heat (> by cold, Bry., Coff., Fer. p.). Spasms or cramps of stomach, with clean tongue, as if a hand was drawn tightly around body. Colic: flatulent, forcing patient to bend double; > by heat, rubbing and hard pressure (Col., Plumb.); of horses and cows when Colocynth fails to >. Menses: early; flow dark, stringy; pains < before, > when flow begins (Lach., Zinc.); pains darting, like lightning, shooting, < right side, > by heat and bending double; vaginismus. Enuresis: nocturnal; from nervous irritation; urine pale, copious; after catheterization. Cramps: of extremities; during pregnancy; of writers, piano or violin players.

< Cold air; a draft of cold air or cold wind; cold bathing or washing; motion; touch.

> Bending double; heat; warmth; pressure (burning pain > by heat, Ars.).