magnesia muriatica

Especially adapted to diseases of women; spasmodic and hysterical complaints, complicated with uterine diseases; who have suffered for years from attacks of indigestion or biliousness. Children: during difficult dentition are unable to digest milk; it causes pain in stomach and passes undigested; puny, rachitic, who crave sweets. Great sensitiveness to noise (Ign., Nux, Ther.). Headache: every six weeks, in forehead and around the eyes; as if it would burst; < from motion and in open air; > from lying down, strong pressure (Puls.), and wrapping up warmly (Sil., Stron.). Great tendency of head to sweat (Cal., Sanic., Sil.). Continual raising of white froth in mouth. Eructations, tasting like rotten eggs, like onions (breath smells of onions, Sinap.). Toothache; unbearable when food touches the teeth. Pressing pain in liver, when walking and touching it, liver hard, enlarged, < lying on right side (Mer., Kali c.). Constipation: stool hard, scanty, large, knotty, like sheep's dung; difficult to pass; crumbling at verge of anus (Am. m., Nat. m.); of infants during dentition. Urine; pale, yellow, can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles; weakness of bladder; Menses: with great excitement at every speed; flow black, clotted; spasms and pains < in back when walking, extend into thighs; metrorrhagia, < at night in bed, causing hysteria (Act., Caul.). Leucorrhoea: after exercise; with every stool; with uterine spasm; followed by metrorrhagia; two weeks after menses for three or four days (Bar., Bov., Con.). Palpitation and cardiac pains while sitting. < by moving about (compare, Gels.).