magnesia carbonica

For persons, especially children, of irritable disposition, nervous temperament (Cham.); lax fibre; sour smell of whole body (Rheum). The whole body feels tired and painful especially the legs and feet; aching, restless. Spasmodic affections of stomach and intestines (Col., Mag. p.), increased secretion from mucous membranes. Unrefreshing sleep, more tired on rising than when retiring (Bry., Con., Hep., Op., Sulph.). Inordinate craving for meat in children of tuberculous parentage. Heartburn; sour, belching, eructations, taste and vomiting; of pregnancy. Pains: neuralgic, lightening-like, < left side (Col.); insupportable during repose, must get up and walk (Rhus); toothache, during pregnancy < at night. Pain on vertex as if the hair were pulled (Kali n., Phos.). Menses: preceded by sore throat (Lac c.), labor-like pain, cutting colic, backache, weakness, chilliness; flows only at night or when lying, ceases when walking (Am. m., Kreos., - rev. or Lil.); acrid, dark, pitch-like; difficult to wash off (Med.). Diarrhoea: preceded by cutting, doubling-up colic; occurs regularly every three weeks; stools green, frothy, like scum of a frog-pond; white, tallow-like masses are found floating in stool; the milk passes undigested in nursing children. When crude magnesia has been taken to "sweeten the stomach;" if the symptoms correspond, the potentized remedy will often relieve.

< Change of temperature; every three weeks; rest; milk, during menses.

> Warm air, but worse in warmth of bed (Led., Mer. - better in warmth of bed, Ars.).