lycopodium clavatum

For persons intellectually keen, but physically weak; upper part of body emaciated, lower part semi-dropsical; predisposed to lung and hepatic affections (Cal., Phos., Sulph.); especially the extremes of life, children and old people. Deep-seated, progressive, chronic diseases. Pains: aching-pressure, drawing; chiefly right sided, < four to eight P.M. Affects right side, or pain goes from right to left; throat, chest, abdomen, liver, ovaries. Children, weak, emaciated; with well-developed head but puny, sickly bodies. Baby cries all day, sleeps all night (rev. of, Jal., Psor.). Ailments from fright, anger, mortification, or vexation with reserved displeasure (Staph.). Avaricious, greedy, miserly, malacious, pusillanimous. Irritable; peevish and cross on walking; ugly, kick and scream; easily angered; cannot endure opposition or contradiction; seeks disputes; is beside himself. Weeps all day, cannot calm herself; very sensitive, even cries when thanked. Dread of men; of solitude, irritable and melancholy; fear of being alone (Bis., Kali c., Lil.). Complexion pale, dirty; unhealthy; sallow, with deep furrows, looks older than he is; fan-like motion of the alae nasi (Ant. t.). Catarrh: dry, nose stopped at night, must breathe through the mouth (Am. c., Nux, Samb.); snuffles, child starts from sleep rubbing its nose; of root of nose and frontal sinuses; crusts and elastic plugs (Kali bi., Marum). Diphtheria; fauces brownish red, deposit spreads from right tonsil to left, or descends from nose to right tonsil; < after sleep and from cold drinks (from warm drinks, Lach.). Everything tastes sour; eructations, heartburn, waterbrash, sour vomiting (between chill and heat). Canine hunger; the more he eats, the more he craves; head aches if does not eat. Gastric affections; excessive accumulation of flatulence; constant sensation of satiety; good appetite, but a few mouthfuls fill up to the throat, and he feels bloated; fermentation in abdomen, with loud grumbling, croaking, especially lower abdomen (upper abdomen, Carbo v. - entire abdomen, Cinch.); fulness not relieved by belching (Cinch.). Constipation: since puberty; since last confinement; when away from home; of infants; with ineffectual urging, rectum contracts and protrudes during stool, developing piles. Red sand in urine, on child's diaper (Phos.); child cries before urinating (Bor.); pain in back, relieved by urinating; renal colic, right side (left side, Berb.). Impotence: of young men, from onanism or sexual excess; penis small, cold, relaxed; old men, with strong desire but imperfect erections; falls asleep during embrace; premature emissions. Dryness of vagina; burning in, during and after coition (Lys.); physometra. Discharge of blood from genitals during every stool. Foetus appears to be turning somersaults. Hernia: right sided, has cured many cases especially in children. Pneumonia; neglected or maltreated, base of right lung involved especially; to hasten absorption or expectoration. Cough deep, hollow, even raising mucus in large quantities affords little relief. One foot hot and the other cold (Cinch., Dig., Ipec.). Waking at night feeling hungry (Cina., Psor.).

< Nearly all diseases from 4 to 8 p. m. (Hell. - from 4 to 9 p. m., Col., Mag. p.).

> Warm food and drinks; from uncovering the head; loosening the garments.