ledum palustre

Adapted to the rheumatic, gouty diathesis; constitutions abused by alcohol (Colch.). Haemorrhage into anterior chamber after iridectomy. Contusions of eye and lids, especially if much extravasation of blood; ecchymosis of lids and conjunctiva. Rheumatism or gout; begins in lower limbs and ascends (descends, Kal.); especially if brought to a low asthenic condition by abuse of Colchicum; joints become the seat of nodosities and "gout stones." which are painful; acute and chronic arthiritis. Affects left shoulder and right hip-joint (Agar., Ant. t., Stram.). Emaciation of affected parts (Graph.). Pains are sticking, tearing, throbbing; rheumatic pains are < by motion; < at night, by warmth of bed and bed-covering (Mer.); > only when holding feet in ice-water (Sec.). Complaints of people who are cold all the time; always feel cold and chilly; lack of animal or vital heat (Sep., Sil.); the wounded parts especially are cold to touch. Parts cold to touch, but not cold subjectively to patient. In some affections, warmth of bed intolerable on account of heat and burning of limbs. Swelling: of feet, up to knees; of ankle with unbearable pain when walking, as from a sprain or false step; ball of great toe swollen, painful; in heels as if bruised. Intense itching of feet and ankles; < from scratching and warmth of bed (Puls., Rhus). Easy spraining of ankles and feet (Carbo an.). Punctured wounds by sharp pointed instruments, as awls, nails (Hyper.); rat bites, stings of insects, especially mosquitoes. Red pimples or tubercules on forehead and cheeks, as in brandy drinkers, stinging when touched. Long-remaining discoloration after injuries: "black and blue" places become green.