lac caninum

For nervous, restless, highly sensitive organisms. Symptoms erratic, pains constantly flying from one part to another (Kali bi., Puls.); changing from side to side every few hours or days. Very forgetful, absent-minded; makes purchases and walks away without them (Agnus, Anac., Caust., Nat.). In writing, uses too many words or not the right ones; omits final letter or letters in a word; cannot concentrate the mind to read or study; very nervous (Bov., Graph., Lach., Nat. c., Sep.). Despondent, hopeless; thinks her disease incurable; has not a friend living; nothing worth living for; could weep at any moment (Act., Aur., Cal., Lach.). Cross, irritable; child cries and screams all the time, especially at night (Jal., Nux, Psor.). Fears to be alone (Kali c.); of dying (Ars.); of becoming insane (Lil.); of falling down stairs (Bor.). Chronic "blue" condition; everything seems so dark that it can grow no darker (Lyc., Puls.). Attacks of rage, cursing and swearing at slightest provocation (Lil., Nit. ac.); intense ugliness; hateful. Coryza, with discharge of thick, white mucus. One nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging; there conditions alternate; discharge acrid, nose and lip raw (Arum, Cepa). Diphtheria and tonsilitis; symptoms change repeatedly from side to side. Sore throats and cough are apt to begin and end with menstruation; yellow or white patches; pains shoot to ear. Throat: sensitive to touch externally (Lach.); < by empty swallowing (Ign.); constant inclination to swallow, painful, almost impossible (Mer.); pains extend to ears (Hep., Kali bi.); begins on left side (Lach.). Shining, glazed appearance of diphtheritic deposit, chancres and ulcers. Very hungry, cannot eat enough to satisfy; as hungry after eating as before (Casc., Cal., Cina, Lyc., Stront.). Sinking in epigastrium; faintness in stomach. Menses; too early; too profuse; flow in gushes bright red, viscid and stringy (dark, black, stringy, Croc.); breasts swollen, painful, sensitive before and during (Con.). Discharge of flatus from vagina (Brom., Lyc., Nux m., Sang.). Breasts: inflamed, painful; < by least jar and towards evening; must hold them firmly when going up or down stairs (Bry.). Serviceable in almost all cases when it is required to dry up milk (Asaf.- to bring back or increase it, Lac d.). Sensation as if breath would leave her when lying down; must get up and walk (Am. c., Grind., Lach.). Loss of milk while nursing, without any known cause (Asaf.). Palpitation violent when lying on left side > turning on right (Tab.). Sexual organs easily excited, from touch, pressure on sitting, or friction by walking (Cinn., Coff., Mur., Plat.). When walking, seems to be walking on air; when lying, does not seem to touch the bed (Asar.). Backache: intense, unbearable, cross super-sacral region, extending to right natis and right sciatic nerve; < by rest and on first moving (Rhus); spine aches from base of brain to coccyx, very sensitive to touch or pressure (Chin. s., Phos., Zinc.).